Meal Payment/Charge Policy

Children need healthy meals to learn. Weatherford Public Schools offers healthy meals every school day.

As part of this service, Weatherford Public Schools has developed the following meal payment/charge


Money may be added to a student’s meal account at “Meet the Teacher” events, schedule pickup days,

during the school day, or by signing up and using MySchoolBucks. MySchoolBucks is an on-line

payment option allowing parents to view their child(ren)’s account and make payments on-line by using a

credit or debit card. Enrollment in MySchoolBucks is free by going to If

parents choose to pay their accounts on-line using MySchoolBucks, there is a $2.75 fee per transaction.

There is not a charge to use the website or application to monitor the account. Families will receive

weekly notification of balances at or exceeding negative $5.00. Families who sign-up for

MySchoolBucks may also receive a weekly notice of negative balances through MySchoolBucks.

In the case a student has a negative balance of greater than $40, the parent/guardian is responsible for

setting up a payment plan through Weatherford Public Schools. We also encourage the parent to

complete a Free and Reduced Application. A Free and Reduced application can be completed on-line by

going to MySchoolApps at or by requesting a paper copy from your child’s

school and returning it to the child’s school or the Weatherford Public Schools Administration office,

1409 Cypress Dr., Weatherford, OK 73096. A Free and Reduced application can be completed anytime

during the year.

A la carte and “extra items” such as an additional entrée cannot be charged. All children must have

money on their account in order to purchase a la carte items or “extras”.

Student balances (negative and positive) will carry over from one school year to the next. Graduating

seniors with a meal balance will be contacted approximately one month before graduation as a reminder

to pay their account or complete a refund request form, transfer form or a donation form. Remaining

fund balances may be transferred to a sibling or parent’s account. Weatherford Public Schools does not

refund balances of under $3.00. Balances of under $3.00 can be transferred to another student or

employee account or donated to Child Nutrition. If a student, parent, or guardian fails to complete a

refund or transfer form by the designated deadline, the balance will be donated to the Child Nutrition


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.